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The project

The cooperative enterprise proves to be an important protagonist in the international market today, both for its widespread presence in all economic sectors and for its crucial role in social development by contributing towards reducing poverty, creating employment and promoting social inclusion.

Cooperatives therefore need to equip themselves with tools compatible with their mission in order to empower them and reinforce their competitiveness on a national and global market, but at the same time must work to preserve their social character and mutual nature. The governance of a cooperative enterprise must have training available to increase their awareness about the characteristics, values and principles of cooperative identity. 

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In light of the acknowledgment of the cooperative role in the socio-economic context today, the European Coop Campus (EUCoopC) project main purpose is to define a European professional profile for cooperative board/elected members and top management positions, and encourage mobility at international level by adopting the European framework of ECVET. This professional figure will be equipped and able to promote the development and attractiveness of a collaborative business model, by strengthening the core values of co-operation to sustain strong and valid enterprises


The main purpose of the project is to provide the board/elected members (cooperative top management positions) with a fresh awareness towards their role and the role of cooperatives in the European economy. In this respect, the partnership designed and tested innovative methodologies and best practices and agreed a mutual recognition in order to enhance the importance of learning by doing and learning from others’ experiences, especially in this working sector where traditional competences have to be strengthened with soft skills, an ethical outlook and a keen spirit of innovation. 


The partnership is a combination of expertise provided by coop systems, research centres in the field of social enterprises, cooperative training providers and networking organisations. The partner countries of Italy, UK, Germany, Spain, Greece, Romania and France, offer a wide umbrella vision and perspective that can enhance the chosen target of sustainable project results to be used at a European level, to provide useful research and practical guidance. 


Cooperative systems, vocational training organisations and academic institutions in the social economy fields; elected cooperative members and managers, cooperative employees; European and National agencies embedded in the ECVET system and in qualifications; public authorities and services concerning employability policies.


November 2012 - December 2014.