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Work Package 4: ECVET tools development

This WP aims to develop the ECVET tools needed to support the accumulation and transfer process and the supporting guidelines for their application in line with ECVET Recommendation and the partnership context. 

D.4.1. ECVET framework

The main aim of this framework is to provide a structure and tools for accrediting (ECVET) a learner’s achievements on a programme of non-formal and informal learning and assessment provided by a host co-operative organisation in a different European country,  the learning outcomes achieved by the mobile learner to be then transferred for recognition and validation in their home country. 

The core of this ECVET framework is the assessment tool (Reflective Journal) and the process designed ad hoc through the project. Assessment refers to the methods used to establish the extent to which a learner has attained the particular knowledge, skills and competences required in order to achieve the agreed LO.

 D.4.2. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) - a framework for co-operation between the competent institutions, aiming at establishing mutual trust between the partners. In this MoU, partner organisations mutually accept their respective criteria and procedures for quality assurance, assessment, validation and recognition of knowledge, skills and competence for the purpose of transferring credit;

 D.4.3 Learning agreement (LA) - an individual document which sets out the conditions for a specific mobility period and it specifies, for a particular learner, which unit/s and LO should be achieved, together with the associated ECVET points, and also lays down that, if the learner achieves the expected LO, and these are positively assessed by the ‘hosting’ institution, the ‘home’ institution will validate and recognise them as part of the requirements for a qualification.

D.4.4.Guidelines for implementing ECVET - a guidance addressed to trainers, VET providers, research centres and institutes providing Masters degrees on social enterprise, and cooperative colleges, which support the implementation of ECVET tools and processes developed and tested within the European Coop Campus project.

The Guidelines introduce in the first part the ECVET model framework and the tools drawn up to support the transnational mobility designed as part of the proposed European Qualification for the coop board/elected members. The second part of the guidelines D.4.4. groups together templates, facsimile examples and guidance on how to use the tools in coherence with the ECVET recommendations


Italian: application/pdf D.4.4. Lineeguida per implementare ECVET
English: application/pdf D.4.2 MoU , application/pdf D4.4 ECVET guideline , application/pdf D.4.3.LA
German: application/pdf D.4.4. Leitende Grundsätze für die Implementierung von ECVET
Spanish: application/pdf D.4.4. Las directrices para la aplicación del ECVET
Greek: application/pdf D.4.4. Κατευθυντήριες γραμμές για την υλοποίηση του ECVET
Romanian: application/pdf D.4.4. Principii directoare pentru implementarea ECVETx
French: application/pdf D.4.4. Principes directeurs pour l’implémentation ECVETx