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  • Coop board/elected member job profile described in terms of a relevant set of knowledge, skills and competences, related learning outcomes (LO) and learning units (LU), and EQF levels;
  • Mobility learning units (MLU) codified to enable the creation of a common reference within the cooperative context identified;
  • ECVET Guidelines for coop training organizations as a methodological approach for determining and attributing ECVET credits to the LO and MLU codified;
  • A set of ECVET tools (Assessment, Memorandum of understanding, Learning agreement) and methods (guidelines for implementing ECVET process);
  • Mobility pilot actions for testing and customizing the tools defined;
  • A permanent network at national and European level to foster a durable impact of the project to ensure mobility exchanges;
  • Promotional activity as seminars, events, website and marketing tools.

Work Package 2: State of art analysis

WP2 helped to build the first two steps of the methodological process for arriving at a common cooperative professional profile and understanding the needed training supply. The process is sketched in the following figure and the work package has achieved sufficient results upon which to base the last step and work package three.

Work Package 3: Designing process

WP3 focuses on the main components of the designing process that refer to the profile of co-operative elected members (board members or those who present their candidacy for board roles and therefore require training). The core of the document outlines the job profile, the description of a qualification scheme, and a set of Mobility Learning Units (MLU) addressing co-operative elected members. Some operational guidelines for the recognition of learning outcomes (LO) and the allocation of ECVET credits are also provided.


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Work Package 4: ECVET tools development

This WP aims to develop the ECVET tools needed to support the accumulation and transfer process and the supporting guidelines for their application in line with ECVET Recommendation and the partnership context. 


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Work Package 5: ECVET pilot action

The objective of this work package is to experiment the implementation of ECVET tools and the methods identified (MoU, LA, assessment, recognition and validation methodology, MLU, and electronic recording of credits) for the specific transnational mobility actions in order to verify their effectiveness and efficiency.

Work Package 8: Exploitation

The exploitation WP aims to promote a durable use of the project results and to foster further developments of the actions taken during the project life cycle.