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Civil Society Development Foundation (CSDF)
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Address Bulevardul Nerva Traian, nr.21, Sector 3, Bucuresti
State Romania

The Civil Society Development Foundation (CSDF) has a 17 years old expertise of direct assistance and support for NGOs, associations and foundations, working at the national level in rural and urban communities with vulnerable groups. CSDF is fulfilling a variety of roles in response to the needs of the non-profit sector in Romania. CSDF currently provides information, training, and assistance and consultancy services for an estimated number of 2.000 NGOs at national level.

In 2010, CSDF has established the Institute for Social Economy (IES) - a national research, training, consulting and platform facilitator for social economy sector in Romania that is currently developing its services by providing business development assistance and promoting entrepreneurial approaches to solving social problems among existing non-profit organizations, also reaching out and supporting start-up groups. The IES team includes a core group of 4 researchers and policy experts and 10 trainers and consultants trained by EURICSE. Two of them are members in GECES – Experts Group on Social Business European Commission. The Institute’s activities include:

1. A portal of social economy in Romania (www.ies.org.ro) already joined by over 4.000 unique visitors every month, consisting of news of interest and resource materials to the social economy sector in Romania, and a database of social economy organizations.

2. Research on social economy in Romania
Since 2010, CSDF is conducting research and policy work in the area of social economy in Romania in partnership with the University of Bucharest – Faculty of Sociology, Institute for Research of Quality of Life of the Romanian Academy, National Centre for Training in Statistics (affiliated with the National Institute of Statistics) and EURICSE Italy in the framework of PROMETEUS project funded through SOPHRD - ESF. A series of research reports have been produced on Cooperatives, Credit Unions, Agricultural and forestry associations in Romania. Also, IES produced the Atlas of Social Economy in Romania presenting main economic data on the entities that are part of social economy (with indicators such as revenues, employment, number of registered entities and economic performance, based on analysis of balance sheet data) and their evolution in the period 2000-2009. IES has been the source of data for Romania in CIRIEC’s report The social economy in the European Union done at the request of the European Economic and Social Council (EESC) and has joined the OECD LEED Centre project on Job creation through social entrepreneurship and the social economy – a comparative study of 10 countries.

3. Networking events and seminars for presenting IES’s research on Cooperatives, Credit Unions, Agricultural and forestry associations in Romania.

4. Training and capacity building for social enterprises in Romania
IES launched in February 2012 its School of Social Entrepreneurship, 120 managers of social economy organizations being registered in the first round of the school for training and 30 are currently following the consultancy program. In autumn 2012 IES launched the Handbook of social enterprise manager.

5. Public policy and advocacy in support of social economy in Romania
CSDF has facilitated the creation of a platform involving NGOs, work integration social enterprises and credit unions that have worked on two laws under debate in Romania: law on social entrepreneur and law on social economy.

6. Promoting public awareness and support for social economy sector
The Institute promotes the visibility of social economy in Romania by organizing annually the Fair of NGOs and Social Economy in Romania ONG Fest Social Economy Fair.