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ADG Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften
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State Germany

Founded in 1970, the Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften – ADG (Academy of German Cooperatives) is the prime provider of human resource development (HRD) services for the managers and experts of German cooperatives.
In Germany, ADG is partner to approx. 1,200 cooperative banks with more than 170,000 employees and approx. 4,300 enterprises in the cooperative retail and service sector with more than 580,000 employees. However, about 80% of the training programmes are dedicated to the banking sector. ADG provides a wide range of trainings, management programmes, higher education courses (Bachelor‘s degree, Financial MBA and a PhD), as well as various seminars and in-house solutions covering all issues relevant to successful banking business. Additionally ADG is in charge of the education of cooperative auditors on behalf of the national association Deutscher Genossenschafts- und Raiffeisenverband (DGRV) and for the education of registered auditors. In the framework of international HRD projects ADG has a successful track record of individualized talent- and management development.
ADG’s main business is to provide tailor-made training programs for their customers. For this purpose, ADG draws upon a pool of more than 800 national and more than 150 international experts to provide clients with experienced and competent mentors. Central to ADG’s business approach is the alignment of customers` development demands with the best training and consultancy providers (“Brokerage approach”). Therefore ADG does not only have a close relationship with outstanding experts but also access to a broad range of sophisticated management training tools (business simulations, diagnostic tools, instruments to enhance leadership and communication skills).
In the last year, ADG conducted over 1,300 seminars, conferences and trainings in Germany and abroad for staffs of national and international banks and related institutions for more than 19,000 attendants.

ADG’s HRD services include the following:

- Web based learning tools
ADG is responsible for an E-Learning platform (VR-Bildung) with currently more than 160,000 registered users. ADG has an excellent expertise in the field of “Webinars”, which is an interactive training focused on small groups by way of the internet. ADG is one of the biggest E-Learning providers in Europe.

- Corporate University
In cooperation with STEINBEIS University, Berlin, ADG offers BEST Bachelor degree courses in Economics (Finance, Hotel Management, Trade, Marketing & Sales), Financial MBAs and PhD studies. STEINBEIS generates scientific research results. ADG finances the chair in Future Management in Cooperative Networks. In addition to STEINBEIS, ADG has its own Research Department.

- Quality Management & Evaluation
ADG has a structured process implemented to collect, analyze and to follow up on participant feedback as well as with regard to company representatives’ assessment of the degree of satisfaction with the training measure. Beyond program evaluation, ADG follows participants to assure the intended impact and transfer into practice. ADG has instituted a “Quality Management Department” looking after quality and methodological innovation issues (3 project managers, 2 assistants).

- Outstanding seminar facilities
Montabaur Castle provides excellent conference facilities and hotel capacity on a four-star level with 285 rooms. Montabaur Castle Conference Hotel with over 70,000 overnight stays per year has been voted one of Germany`s top 10 conference venues (see www.hotel-schloss-montabaur.de).

- Certification
ADG is full member of EFMD, the European Foundation for Management Development, based in Brussels, Belgium. With over 750 member organizations from academia, business, public service and consultancy in 81 countries EFMD is a forum for information, research, networking and debate on innovation and best practice in management development. ADG has attended an external quality certification process (“CLIP”). CLIP is a mechanism for quality benchmarking, mutual learning and sharing of good practice. Internal self-assessment against a comprehensive set of rigorous criteria is combined with external review by experienced peers. ADG has been awarded the full CLIP National Accreditation.

- International Expertise
Since 2005, ADG implements projects worldwide and has partnership programs in the financial sector development field e.g. in China, India, Mongolia, Indonesia, Palestinian Territories, Hungary, Poland, Romania among others. ADG provides training and consultancy for Microfinance Institutions and Commercial Banks, supports the establishment of Bank Training Centers and – among others – sets up E-Learning infrastructures. The areas of training include relevant fields of banking: MSME lending, rural finance, product development, fund management, risk management, HR development and customer service. Since 2007 ADG has conducted International General Management Training for the Conféderation Internationale des Banques Populaires, based in Brussels.

ADG's Role within European Coop Campus:
Due to its extensive experience in training and HRD related issues in the cooperative sector, ADG will be the leading partner of phase number 5 of the project (Work Package-WP-5). During a period of 11 months, the testing phase of the European Coop Campus will take place. Here, ADG will coordinate the implementation of two testing sessions (one in Germany and one in Spain) where selected cooperative managers from the different partner countries will come together to receive training in defined leaning units, and the proposed ECVET framework will be tested and discussed. At the end of this exercise, recommendations will be made for the improvement of the mobility and ECVET framework for managers of cooperatives at European level.